Early Career Researchers' (ECR) Forum

Event Description 

The Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory (SBRL) is pleased to announce the first Suicide and Self-Harm Early Career Researchers’ Forum. The event will take place at The University of Glasgow on the 3rd June 2016 and will provide invaluable opportunities for vertical learning, whereby less experienced researchers can learn from more experienced colleagues as well as from each other, and can also provide a space for support, networking, and collaborations among Masters, PhD, and Post-doctoral research students.

The ECR Forum will yield opportunities for investigators at an early stage of their career to receive the advice and guidance of more senior scientists in the field and create a supportive context for ECRs to share their experiences and discuss the challenges faced in suicide and self-harm research, as well as fostering potential future research collaborations. The Forum also provides the opportunity to present your latest research to colleagues and peers (see Call for Submissions below).  
The SBRL, led by Professor Rory O'Connor, is the leading suicide and self-harm research group in Scotland and has an international reputation for excellence in suicide and self-harm research. We look forward to giving you a warm welcome to the University of Glasgow.

Here are a few words of invitation from Rory O'Connor

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Keynote Speakers

Professor Ella Arensman

Prof. Arensman is the President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, Director of Research with the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) and Adjunct Professor with the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College Cork, Ireland. She holds an MSc and PhD from Leiden University, The Netherlands. She has been involved in research and prevention into suicide and self-harm for more than 28 years, with emphasis on risk and protective factors associated with suicide and self-harm and effectiveness of suicide prevention and self-harm intervention programmes.

Professor Rory O’Connor

Prof. O’Connor is the past president of the International Academy of Suicide Research and has been conducting research into suicide and self-harm for more than 20 years. He is the Director of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory and Head of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Department at University of Glasgow, Scotland. He is Deputy Chief Editor of Archives of Suicide Research, Associate Editor of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior and is a member of the editorial board of Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention.  Rory also sits on the Chief Scientist Office's Health Services and Population Research Grants Committee, and the Scottish Government's national suicide and self-harm implementation and monitoring group.


Register here: sbrl-ecrforum.eventbrite.co.uk

Registration Cost: £30 

Dinner on 2nd June: There will be an informal dinner on the evening of the 2nd June (details to follow; not included in registration cost). 

Programme will be available soon.

Call for Submissions (adapted from BPS guidelines)

Presentations should be in the format of a brief 12 minute oral presentation (10 minutes + 2 minutes for questions and/or comments) or poster. Authors can present completed studies or work in progress. This latter type of presentation allows researchers to provide information about, and share their reflections on, work in progress. For all types of presentations, the abstract should have clear and explicit aims and objectives, hypotheses or research questions; methods should be clearly described, with an explicit statement of intended sample characteristics and justification for this; a clear plan of analysis should be outlined, which should make clear how the intended analyses will address the research aims or research question; and the discussion section should clarify the expected or potential implications of the research.

*Closing date for abstract submissions: Sunday, 1st May 2016, 23:59 (GMT).

*Abstracts should be sent to: t.carlos-zortea.1@research.gla.ac.uk (Tiago Zortea)

Guidelines for the submission of a
Click HERE for the guidelines for submitting an abstract.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Posters

Poster sizes that best fit the boards are A1 or A0.

Please follow the BPS advice for the preparation of posters HERE.

Welcome to Glasgow! 

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