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SBRL delighted to co-host Suicide Prevention Seminar

posted Nov 13, 2014, 4:02 AM by SBRL Glasgow
Joint NHS Health Scotland - International Academy of Suicide Research - Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab Suicide Prevention Seminar Event

Date: Tuesday 18th November 2014

Location: Edinburgh

Speakers/talks will include: 

Professor Rory O'Connor (University of Glasgow): Understanding suicide risk: Why do people attempt suicide?

Professor Steve Platt (Edinburgh University) / Joanna Teuton (NHS Health Scotland): Inequalities in suicide: the epidemiological picture and the policy implications

Professor Gwendolyn Portzy (University of Ghent) New technologies and suicide prevention:
opportunities, challenges and ethical issues

Joanna Teuton (NHS Health Scotland): Knowledge into Action: translating suicide research into policy and practice

Dr Ellen Townsend (University of Nottingham): Self-harm and suicidality in looked-after young people: A vulnerable and neglected group